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S3 Stores, Inc. sells the finest quality goods and merchandise from the best known brands in the USA, Canada, and worldwide.
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Quality tangible products in full taxonomy assortment delivered within estimated time frame and supported by professional customer service.

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Starting out as a small family-run online store selling professional quality art brushes, S3 Stores, Inc. expanded to carry a full line of professional artist supply products from large, well established and small artisan companies alike. Since then, we have expanded further to other specialties, among them office goods, supplies for teachers, products for various professionals, and more. We are an authorized dealer for all the product lines that we sell.

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A direct connection with suppliers on a day-to-day basis, attention to customer needs, and years of experience allow us to offer top quality products at discount prices all at the touch of a button! All items are brand new and include manufacturers warranties, so you can buy with confidence. In all the areas in which we endeavor, our stores' goal has been to carry the best known, globally established brands. At the same time, not forgetting our roots, we also strive to find for our customers the best of smaller, lesser known brands in each field. Our mission boils down to providing customers with top quality products, low prices, fast shipping, and a friendly, predictable, hassle-free shopping experience.

In this section, we’ve selected the best cheap airbrush products for you to make it easier to choose top-rated equipment and accessories at Touche Airbrush.

Although a choice of airbrush supplies may depend on many factors including user’s experience we’ve tried to put them all in one place and identify some general rules that can help you come to a quick and smart decision.

6-point checklist for buying the best cheap airbrush kits and supplies

Volume of job you want to accomplish with spraying equipment

This concerns not only the volume of mediums you need to buy but also spraying tools themselves. If your task is to apply an undercoating or cover a large surface with paint your choice should probably be in favor of spray guns rather than of airbrushes. To learn more about the difference between these devices, read our buying guide on Spray Guns.

Efficiency and durability

Make sure the chosen tool can deliver enough power to cope with the job. The higher pressure you need for the job, the more efficient and durable must be your tool. A high-pressure level ensures fine atomization and, hence, provides smooth, thin, and uniform spray pattern that a low pressure cannot give. In this terms, it is also important to note here that coating may depend on a medium. If it has a high viscosity you will need to apply a high level of pressure. Moreover, you need to understand that using such mediums you won’t get the same spray patterns as with low-viscosity fluids.  


You need to decide on the mobility of your airbrush equipment and accessories. Especially this refers to air compressors. Are you going to move it around or use as a stationary system? If you want to use them in multiple places, take into account the weight of items.


Here’s an easy point. Just pick out products you can handle. Too complicated devices hardly can make your job enjoyable. So by choosing items, be sure you can manage them. At the same time, you need to realize whether you have enough experience in this sphere. If not, why not choose a ready-to-use airbrush kit? We have a nice selection of them and there you can surely find the best cheap airbrush kit to make a start.

Room to work

How much space do you have for this job? Do you have a spacious working area or maybe your own art studio? Then you may want to choose devices allowing for free movement. Take note of a hose length of the device or get a hose that won’t hamper your job. In case you have a limited working space and/or it is maybe poorly ventilated we recommend that you take a look at our Airbrush Spray Booths. They allow not only for compact workspace but also for efficient and safe spraying.


At Touche Airbrush, we offer a wide variety of best cheap airbrush systems and sets for sale. So, here we’ve picked out several airbrush supplies that have optimal feature-combination which is why they become so popular with our customers.

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